Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Last Secret Garden

A short story I wrote about a 1½ year ago. It's a part of a series of short-stories about 7 different worlds, and this is one of them. The way of writing is a bit funny, but it's on purpose! I thought it made the story more beutiful. Enjoy!

"You're a sleeping flower on the green field, with the whitest leafs,
and your eyes so blue is just a reflection of the low-lying firmament
which gently leans over this last secret garden.
Here, where the grass smells so fresh like no other place in the world.
Where no sun exists, only the blue sky casts a warm light, that blurs the horizon,
so no division between heaven and earth exist.
Although this white skin has never seen the light from the merciful sun,
there is only one thing, whiter and cleaner than this, and this is the white snow,
with a whisper and humming, falls softly around and lie in the green grass.
It has never existed, because, from a clear sky no snow can be created.
And flowers shutter up in the brightest colors, and although no smell so sweet
as their is, it's the gentle scent from the surrounding trees, high and soft grass
and fog from the blurried horizonthat overwhelms the Last Secret Garden.
And the snow sings, and no other sound can be heard, cause the wind in the
trees,blows it away, and night and day are one and the same thing.
"You are a sleeping flower on the green field, and your hair is the green grass.
Let your fingers run through it and you'll feel the earth's heat embrace you,
and you will lay, with the heavenly sweetness "
That is The Last Secret Garden"

Copyright Emi Milling 2008

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