Monday, December 13, 2010

About a dream I had last night.

I don't believe that dreams have a deeper meaning to them, or that they can predict the future or what ever.
But I do believe they can reflect oppressed feelings, emotions and thoughts.
I think they can be affected by stress, happiness, depression and so on.

This dream proved to me, that even when I'm dreaming, I have my meaning about stuff, I that I'll do what I think is right and justice. Unfortunatly, is seems that doing what's right isen't always appriciated:

I don't remember much details, but I was at my grandparents house.
Their neighbours daughter was missing, so everyone was out looking for her.

In the meantime, as I'm in my grandparents garden, eating breakfast in the sun, we are told that their son is missing too. That's when I, for some reason, realize, that the little bug that's sitting on the table next to me, is him!
I don't know how I know. I just do, and I'm quite sure he was a mosqito, but I don't think it really matters.
Anyway, my grandfather also know this for some reason, and he's telling me, that we should just kill the bug. There's no reason for him to live, if he's trapped in such useless body.
I desperately tell him not to. It's still the neighbours son, he's still a living being, he's just trapped in a different living body.
I thought for a second, that I convinced him, put suddenly he squeeses the bug to death with his thumb.

I totally freak out, yelling at my grandfather that he just killed the neighbors son!
But he don't seem to care at all!
I run across the street, where all the people, looking for the children have gathered together. They just stand there talking, and I wait for my grandfather to confess what he did, so that they atleast know what happened to the boy. But he don't
I feel so sorry for the worried parents, that I decide to go tell them what happened, even though I can hear my grandfathers voice in my head, yelling no!

But I did. Everyone freaks out. People are screaming, people are yelling, there's even a big boy, I kinda think is my cousin, that's almost about to punch my grandfather.
I try apoligizing to my grandfather, telling him it was the only right thing to do! No matter what, he murdered the son. Just because he was trapped inside the body of a bug, didn't make his life less worth.
But my grandfather won't talk to me. He simply just ignore me, and walk away.
And so I stood there alone quite for a while, crying, until I woke up.

I'm sure my grandfather would never do such thing in real life! I have no idea why I dreamt him doing this. You can only dream about faces you already know, so I guess it had to be someone!

- What do you think though?
Would a human life matter less in the body of an insect?

I'm just happy that I've never been the type that kills bugs and spiders.


  1. I just wonder how he can still be human if he is no longer in a human body?
    It's Scrödingers cat all over again, just not with the "alive or dead" but "still the same mind or not", isn't it?

  2. I'm not sure to be honest ... It's always hard to remember details in dreams you know :P
    But I knew it was him, and nothing could change the fact that even though he was inside the body of an insect, it was still him, and think that was what was important to me. I didn't feel like he was less worth, just like I wouldn't feel like an animal or say a baby or a mentally challenged is less worth than me (because that's my point of view ofcorse) :)
    I get the thing you're saying though.. would it REALLY be him? A bugs brain dosen't quite work the same way as a human brain.