Saturday, December 4, 2010

The first days of December.

The temperature is everything between –1 C° to -7C° in Copenhagen. It's snowing like crazy, and that's all the news can talk about. Snow is more important than anything else happening in the world right now, it seems.
But it's so rare getting snow around here in December, and it fits all the Christmas decorations and Christmas feelings perfectly! As I'm sitting by my window, I can't imagine why anyone would complain about it! That being until I have to walk outside myself, and wait for the public transportation, that ofcorse are delayed because of the snow. :(
But right now, that feels so unimportant.
Because I can't help being happy all the time at the moment! I don't even know why! I just feel so positive, calm and loving, and I'm so happy about myself :D

Maybe the 1st of December just started perfectly!
When I woke up, I didn't even notice it was Christmas. I was going to visit my grandparents that day, and so I did. I know my Grandmother always decorate their house, like a Christmas bomb exploded inside it, it's like that every year, but every year, it still manage to make me all exited as soon as I step inside.
The fact that I grew up in this house also make it so amazing to visit in the Christmas time :)
I sat by the window at the dining table. My grandma made tea, put home-baked sugarcoated cinnamon danish bread (whatever that's called in English, haha :P) on the table, together with chocolate cookies, cinnamon biscuits and gingerbread.
On top of all that, I got my advent present (I'm not sure if that's a tradition outside of Denmark, but the older kids get a present every Sunday in Christmas), and some stupid child-calendar thing, but especially the last thing made me feel like a little kid again, and that was just absolutely great <3 I'm never gonna get used to grow up, I think. Such a wonderful day, such a wonderful start of Christmas! I felt like smiling that whole day! This view also made me smile! It's taken by me, from my window! I was so amazed!

I think that feeling have followed me up until today, and will hopefully continue for .. forever! :D
It's still snowing, there's pretty lights everywhere, Copenhagen is full of Christmas smell (I smell cinnamon and honey roasted almonds fucking everywhere!), and in only 5 days from now, I'll be together with my love again <3 Oh yeah, we have the most crazy ice-taps on our house, they're huge :D The picture is taken one of the first snow-days, they've grown even bigger since! They look super vicious!

Last but not least, I finally took a proper picture of myself, and with the fear of sounding very narcissistic, I like it very much!

Happy Christmas from me! I don't hope I'm gonna make another Christmas-blog :D
Luws <3

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