Friday, February 4, 2011

"Hate" is such a harsh word.

Yesterday, I told my mom, that there's a woman I hate.
She looked at me for a few second, and then answeared: "Ooh, you mean 'dislike', don't you?"

No, I can honestly say "I hate her", and my mom did not understand this, she thought it was a cruel thing to say.

Is it really such a harsh thing to say? Is it not okay to hate someone?
And what difference would it make if I used the word 'dislike' but still ment the same?

I do think it's a word you shouldn't throw careless around with, but it kinda seems like it really surprise some people that you can actually be so honest with your feelings, and that's a pity.

Picture not related, I love my teddybears :D

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