Thursday, January 27, 2011

Through life

I was asked if I could make a blog, posting pictures from my childhood.
I thought it could be fun, so here you go guys! Me through the years :D

1 year old.

They see me rollin'. They' hating!

Baby Emi does not approve >:(

2 years old.
Nom nom !

3 years old.
My grandparents dog Poco. My sister and I loved her so dearly. RIP. :)

4 years old.

OMFG, Is that Santa!!?

  5 years old.


6 years old.

Fuck yeah! Computer from 98 ! :D

7 years old.

drawing :)

8 years old.

I became a nun in an early age :D

9 years old

Unhappy mexican.

10 years old.

I assume this is when my passion for neon colours and ducks started.

11 years old.

Once I had super long hair...

12 years old.

And then I cut it all off!!
This was the period of my life where I wanted to look like a boy, dress like a boy, and act like a boy. My sister thought I would becoma a lesbian.

13 years old.

reading for my little cousin.

14 years old.

This is where everything went downhill :D

15 years old
I can't find any 15 year old pctures of me in the photoalbums. I didn't spend much time with my family by then.

16 years old

Family photo. I'm to the left.

17 year old.

AND BAM! Colours!
With my mom and sister :)

I guess you all know how I look now as an 18 year old :]

Thanks for reading my blog! Have a great and funny life!

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