Monday, November 29, 2010

The Facts of Life

(This text is taken from a POPsicleSTRIP on It is not mine.)

So I read this text somewhere on the internet, and I thought it was amazing, so I will post it here, and hope you will think the same :) Seriously, take the time to read it through!

Nobody really knows anything,
but everyone think they do.
I certainly don't know anything.
But like everyone else,
I think I do.

So here's stuff I think I know.
Although, I don't think you should read it.

Nobody really knows anything.

Especially me.
Don't listen to me.

In fact, you should stop reading right now.

If you're still reading this,
there's probably something wrong with you,
because I wrote this, and there's probably something wrong with me.
Nothing I say should really be listened to, taken serious,
or repeated back into air waves in any form in general.
The fact that I even discuss a subject should suggest an error in it
and it's participants merely by my association.

Everything exist because it can.

There is no other requirement for existing.

Everything is relative.

The size of anything depends on what you're comparing it to.

Life goes on.

There's no way to deserve it, or earn it.
You already have it.
You and only you, get to choose what to do with it.

People will tell you what you should do with it.

But they will also ask for money.

So figure that one out.

In reality, there is no life anywhere.

The things that we call alive are the things that most resemble ourselves.

Beyond this, everything is essentially the same.

everyone is selfish

This is okay, because everyone must be selfish.

If everyone was selfless, there would be no selves.

There would be only one thing,
it, everything, and no one to call it anything.

Good and evil are opposite ends of desire.

On one end is everything you desire.

On the other is everything you fear.

Good people are only happy,
when you are happy.

Evil people are only happy,
when you are sad.

Love and hate are opposite ends of reason.

On one end is everything you choose to see.

On the other end is everything you choose to ignore.

The earth is kept afloat in space
by several elephants standing
atop several larger sea turtles.

I just haven't figured out if it's flat or round yet.

Movement is everything.

How thing move determines
what they are,
what they were,
and what they're going to be.

Everything you do,
have done,
and will do,
is moving something from one place to another.

Every movement you make
is a choice to take from one thing
and give it to something else.

Choose wisely.

If movement is everything,
the art of mastering everything
is the art of mastering different types of movement.

If you help others accomplish their goals,
they will most likely not return the favor.

With interest.

If you prevent others from accomplishing their goals,
they will most like return the favor.

With even more interest.

Karma is what happens when the waves you send out come back to you.

Be careful what you send out.

Laziness is good.

It's the only way to know if you're wasting time.

Laziness if the key to efficiency.

The less work you want to do,
the more you'll think of efficient ways to do it.

We naturally think in pictures.

Words are much more efficient, but much less accurate.

Societies are cooperative reduntant arrays.

Cooperative reduntant arrays allow us to specialize.

Cooperative + reduntant + arrays + specialize = Epic win.

The problem is always the opposite of the solution.

If you see a problem, you're really seeing solution.

You're just comparing it to the real state of things,
which is currently the opposite of the solution.

If the problem is merely the reverse of the solution,
the art of creating solutions is simple the art of accurately seeing the problem.

The more you think you know,
the less you actually know.

Forget all your assumptions and you will be left with nothing.

But what is.

Belief seeks the closest matching reality.

Remember this when dealing with other.
No one sees the world as it is,
only as they believe it to be.

Humans are probably the first species on this planet
with the capability to believe
and maintain complex systems of nonsense at will.

Sadly this may be our best and most redeeming attribute.

You can accomplish any goal and you can be anything you want to be.

All you need is to believe the previous sentence.

Everything would be much easier
if we all just choose a number and stuck with it.

I suggest 42.

Or possibly 13.

Someday I will most likely be killed by someone who can't handle a joke,
someone who plays a short game,
someone who lack the foresight to see
the greater long-term gains from cooperation,
someone even more foolish than me.

Now that's funny.

It is wise to listen to your parents.
They've been around long enough to gain loads of wisdom
and learn many thing.

It is unwise to do what they tell you to.
They're full of shit.

Life is absurd.

Humor is required for happiness.
If you can't appreciate absurdity, you can't appreciate life.

Life is fair.

It treats everyone equally.

You get exactly what you deserve.

You got it for free.

So stop complaining.


Everything is meaningless.

We add the meaning to ourselves.

If we go, all the meaning of life goes with us.

Stop taking everything seriously,.

Just have fun.

That's not a fact, that's a suggestion.

The future is an illusion.

The past is an illusion.

We create these things to help ourselves.

There is only now.

Right now.


Death goes off.

And that's okay.

Because off is nothing
And nothing
is nothing
to worry

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